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The Management Plan for the HIMI Marine Reserve addresses a broad range of management issues. It includes a similarly broad range of measures to address these issues, such as from the cleaning of clothing and gear to prevent unwanted 'alien' species, to where and how visitors can go to the toilet.

Image gallery

Curious king penguin
Curious king penguin (Aptenodytes patagonicus). Photo by B. Wienecke

This gallery provides snap shots of the awesome landscape, spectacular and abundant wildlife, unexpectedly lush vegetation and cultural heritage items remaining from early human visitation of Heard Island and McDonald Islands.


See glaciers, mountainous volcanoes, icy lagoons, rugged cliffs and vegetated coastal margins…

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Meet the locals, from the graceful black-browed albatross to the imposing southern elephant seal…

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No trees, but plenty of 'mega herbs' and other vegetation on show in a wide variety of settings around the island…

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Cultural Heritage

Artefacts and structures remaining on Heard Island from the 19th century sealing era and from the first Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition…

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