Cool fact…
Heard Island's isolation has protected it from many of the ravages apparent on other oceanic islands - for instance, from the effects of introduced predators such as cats and rats which rapidly devastate seabird populations.


Images of the spectacular Heard Island landscape, which has a little bit of everything – a mountainous active volcano, glaciers, beaches, lagoons, lush vegetated coastal wetlands… If you want to learn more about the places and features in these pretty pictures, check out the Landforms pages in the Nature section.

Clouds over Big Ben
Baudissin Glacier
Stephenson lagoon
Clouds over Laurens peninsula
Lenticular clouds over Big Ben
Volcanic plume on Big Ben
Cloud formations over Big Ben
Lenticular clouds over Big Ben
Brown Lagoon
Round Hill, Heard Island
Big Ben with reflection
Compton Lagoon
Brown Glacier
Dovers Moraine
Heard Island
Sooty Valley
Elephant Spit area, near Scholes Lagoon
Stephenson Lagoon
Volcanic scoria (foreground), proglacial lagoon, moraine and the Spit (background)
Recently deglaciated moraine
Stephenson lagoon
Scarlet Hill
Glacial tarn
Glacial stream
Heard Island clearly showing Mawson Peak
Ice-cored moraine
Icebergs calved from Stephenson Glacier
McDonald Islands, with Heard Island in background
High winds and Big Ben buttresses
Atlas Cove with Laurens Peninsula in the background
Looking south towards Azorella Peninsula
Big Ben
Atlas Cove and Azorella Peninsula
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