Cool fact…
Southern giant petrels can regurgitate foods and oils to a distance of a metre or more if they are disturbed (disturbing birds is not a 'cool' thing to do, and is against the law).

Other nations' research expeditions

Between March 1969 and April 1970, the ANARE station at Atlas Cove on Heard Island was occupied by American scientists involved in the US Coast & Geodetic Survey.

The scientists’ objective was to photograph a satellite in orbit. These photographs were to be used in triangulation calculations to determine the shape and size of the Earth, and to determine the relative locations of the photographic stations. Unfortunately, poor weather limited the number of photographic opportunities.

Early in 1971, a joint French-Australian expedition visited Heard Island for six weeks. During this expedition, the first landing of only two landings to date was made on McDonald Island. A helicopter landed two scientists for 45 minutes for a brief inspection.

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