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Big Ben was first successfully climbed in 1965 by members of the Southern Indian Ocean Expedition, whose boats overturned when making their landing at what is now known as 'Capsize Beach'.

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New Management plan for Heard Island and McDonald Islands (16 Oct 14)
A new Management Plan for Australia’s Heard Island and McDonald Islands (HIMI) Marine Reserve has been approved by the Federal Government. … more
Deep sea cameras reveal limited impact of fishing around Heard Island (28 Jul 14)
Novel deep sea camera systems have shown that Australian commercial fisheries are having little impact on seafloor biodiversity around Heard Island and McDonald Islands (HIMI). … more
Updated entry requirements - Heard and McDonald Islands (23 May 14)
Following a review of the Reserve’s former management plan, the Director of the Australian Antarctic Division has implemented a prohibition on entry to the Territory of Heard Island and McDonald Islands. … more
Heard Island and McDonald Islands Marine Reserve Expansion (29 Mar 14)
The Australian Government has expanded the sub-Antarctic Heard Island and McDonald Islands Marine Reserve, to protect this unique environment. … more
Volcanoes provided ice-age refuge for Antarctic biodiversity (11 Mar 14)
Antarctic volcanoes and other geothermal areas may have provided a refuge for biodiversity through past ice ages. … more
New HIMI Management Plan (23 May 13)
On 24 August 2012 the HIMI Marine Reserve Management Plan 2005-2012 lapsed... … more
Seen on Heard Island (03 Jun 11)
Incredible time-lapse images from a remote monitoring camera installed on subantarctic Heard Island. … more
State of the Parks Report 2007/08 (01 Aug 08)
Part of the Annual Report for the Department of the Environment and Heritage. … more
Bringing Heard Island closer to home (01 Feb 08)
Two exciting initiatives are bringing isolated Heard Island and McDonald Islands closer to your home. … more
Volcanic activity at McDonald Island (01 Mar 05)
After some 75,000 years lying dormant, McDonald Island commenced erupting in December 1992 … more
Heard Island in focus (01 Sep 04)
The seventh edition of the Australian Antarctic Magazine was “Heard Island in focus”. … more
Science Expedition to Heard Island 2003/04 (01 Apr 04)
During the summer of 2003–04 the Australian Antarctic Division supported a scientific expedition of the Australian Antarctic program to Heard Island. … more
HIMI Marine Reserve Management Plan in force (01 Oct 02)
HIMI Marine Reserve Management Plan in force … more
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