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Under the HIMI Environment Protection and Management Ordinance 1987 (the EPMO) it would be an offence to bring a chicken sandwich to Heard Island without a permit. This measure helps prevent the transfer of diseases to HIMI's important bird populations.

Heritage zone

The Heritage Zone, contained within the Atlas Cove Main Use Zone, is an area warranting special protection because of its significance in the early history of ANARE, particularly the occupation of the Atlas Cove Station site from 1947-1955.

The Heritage Zone encompasses the culturally significant remains of early and pre-ANARE buildings on the western side of Ephemeral Creek including the buildings or building remains shown on the map (e.g. Admiralty Hut, Recreation Hut).

The Heritage Zone restricts activities that have the potential to destroy or degrade heritage values, including activities such as the construction of new facilities which might impinge on the visual context of the location.

Zone Boundaries

The Heritage Zone comprises the area within the Atlas Cove MUZ, but excluded from it, that is the site of the original ANARE Station. The Heritage Zone is bound to the north-west by southern limit of the Azorella Peninsula Restricted Zone, then by a 10 m buffer north-east of the remains of the Seal Pen/Tractor/Clothing Store, east of the remains of Chippy’s Church/the Carpenter’s Store, south of the remains of the Biology Lab, south-west of the remains of Biology Lab/Meteorology and Wireless Hut, and west of the remains of the Meteorology and Wireless Hut/Dogkeeper and Cosmic Ray Hut (view map).

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