Cool fact…
Mackerel icefish are one of the most common fish species found in the shallower waters of the Kerguelen Plateau and along with Patagonian toothfish, form the basis for a commercial fishery in the region. Icefish are remarkable because they lack haemoglobin or red blood cells, resulting in blood that is an opalescent white/gray in colour, and cream coloured gills, liver and heart.

Inner marine zone

The Inner Marine Zone provides for the management, and in some cases prohibition, of activities in the near shore (< 12 nm) marine areas of the Reserve, to ensure protection of the coastal environment of the islands, the near shore foraging areas of wildlife, and the values of that marine area.

Transport activities in the Inner Marine Zone, including vessel and small craft use and any discharges, will be regulated to prevent or minimise environmental impacts.

The outer boundary of the Inner Marine Zone also coincides with the outer boundary of the Territory, the HIMI World Heritage Area and the proposed HIMI Ramsar wetland area.

Zone Boundaries

The Inner Marine Zone comprises the marine waters of the Reserve extending from the high tide mark to the 12 nautical mile boundary of the HIMI territorial sea (view map).

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