Cool fact…
Humans truly are 'privileged visitors' to Heard Island. The Island supports colonies of millions of seals and seabirds, but there have only been around 240 shore-based human visits since 1855, most of which occurred during the late 19th century sealing era.

Zone maps

Click on the small maps below to look at larger (PDF) maps of the zones:


Map of the marine zones in the Reserve (Inner Marine Zone, Outer Marine Zone) plus the Conservation zone.
(Figure 2 from the Management Plan - PDF 120 KB)


Map of the terrestrial zones in the Reserve. Click on the maps below for greater detail of the zones in the Atlas Cove, Spit Bay and Long Beach areas.
(Figure 3 from the Management Plan - PDF 385 KB)


Map of the Atlas Cove Main Use Zone, the Atlas Cove Visitor Access Zone and the Heritage Zone.
(Figure 4 from the Management Plan - PDF 144 KB)


Map of the Spit Bay Main Use Zone and the Spit Bay Visitor Access Zone.
(Figure 5 from the Management Plan - PDF 327 KB)


Map of the Long Beach Visitor Access Zone.
(Figure 6 from the Management Plan - PDF 333 KB)

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