Cool fact…
Until the recent volcanic activity on the McDonald Islands, Big Ben on Heard Island was Australia's only active volcano. Fresh lava flows were observed during the 2003/04 summer, including a flow through the Gotley Glacier that almost reached the sea.

Management vision

The management plan for the Heard Island and McDonald Islands (HIMI) Marine Reserve includes a Management Vision that considers the Reserve's purpose and management objectives, and conveys an over-arching statement of the aims for future management of the Reserve:

The Heard Island and McDonald Islands Marine Reserve is a truly wild and naturally dynamic area of the world.

Spectacular geographical features and natural processes and ecosystems make it a uniquely inspiring place of immense value to current and future generations.

This outstanding place will be accorded the utmost respect and protection and will be managed, on the basis of sound understanding, as a place where humans are thoughtful, responsible and privileged visitors.

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