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Australia has declared its entire exclusive economic zone (EEZ), including that around HIMI, as a whale sanctuary under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

Symposium on Kerguelen Plateau Marine Ecosystem and Fisheries

Killer Whale around Crozet
Killer Whale around Crozet (Photo: Nicolas Gasco)
Patagonian ToothfishFlock of BirdsKing penguin swimmingMyctophid

Call for abstracts for the Second Symposium on Kerguelen Plateau Marine Ecosystems and Fisheries, 13–15 November 2017, Hobart, Tasmania

We welcome your submissions relevant to the Kerguelen Plateau region including on:

  • Natural history and heritage of the region (including geological and biological evolution of the Kerguelen plateau, history of research and resource exploitation in the region)
  • Advances in knowledge of the marine ecosystem since the last symposium (physical and biogeochemical oceanography, structure and processes in benthic and pelagic communities, biogeography and taxonomy, food-web and ecosystem studies and modelling)
  • Developments in fisheries resource assessments and management (fishery and by-catch species assessments, habitat and wildlife interactions and mitigation, depredation, data collection and management, stakeholder certification and research initiatives, socioeconomics of fisheries, management strategy evaluation)
  • Marine conservation in the region (Marine protected area design and implementation, species protection/recovery plans, monitoring and managing species range extensions and introductions, monitoring for climate change impacts)

As in 2010, it is also the intention of the organisers to publish a volume of peer-reviewed papers based on the Symposium presentations, as a way of maximising the impact of the Symposium. Expressions of interest for oral presentations have now closed however expressions of interest for poster presentations are open until 31 August 2017 with a prize awarded for the best student poster. Please use our expression of interest form to submit a poster presentation abstract.

More information will follow soon, so please keep an eye on this webpage. However if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact either Dr Dirk Welsford of the Australian Antarctic Division or Professor Guy Duhamel of the Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle. Also please feel free to share this page to anyone else you know that may be interested.

  • Australian Antarctic Division
  • Muséum National d'Histoire naturelle
  • Institut Polaire Francais
  • Syndicat des Armements Reuionnais de Palangriers Congelateurs
  • Australian Longline
  • Fondation D'enterprises
  • Austral Fisheries
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