Judy visited Casey station for three months during the 05/06 summer. She has documented the life of a community in Antarctica, depicting the energy of a dedicated team of people, and produced an exhibition based on the five senses.

Antarctica — a place in the Wilderness, includes photographs, collages, data projection, a CD of sounds and interactive items for touch, taste and smell. A Braille diary has also been produced from the exhibition material.

The exhibition was staged at the Brisbane Powerhouse in November/December 2006 and at the Mawson Pavilion, Hobart during the Midwinter Festival in June 2007. Judy’s work also featured in an exhibition at Parliament House, Canberra in August/September 2007.

Following her fellowship in 2006, Judith’s photographic exhibition toured Australia for six years. The exhibition, called Antarctica — A Place in the Wilderness, was accompanied by talks and workshops, and finally wrapped up in August 2012.