The Australian Antarctic Strategy sets out Australia’s national Antarctic interests and our vision for Australia’s future engagement in Antarctica.

The accompanying Action Plan details the steps the Government will take to fulfil the Strategy. The Action Plan is staged over a 20 year period to achieve and assess progress against the desired outcomes from this ambitious Strategy.

Under the Action Plan, the Government is committing to the most significant package of measures ever developed by an Australian Government to build Australia’s role as a leader in Antarctica.

Key actions that the Government will deliver are:

  • A new world-class research and resupply Antarctic icebreaker.
  • New and stable funding to support an active Australian Antarctic programme.
  • Establish Australia’s position of science leadership in Antarctica through:
    • developing modern and flexible infrastructure, including
      • restoring traverse capabilities and establishing mobile stations in the Antarctic interior
      • further scoping options for expanded aviation capabilities to establish a year-round aviation capability between Hobart and Antarctica
      • progressing options for more efficient and flexible use of existing research stations
    • A revitalised science programme, including
      • coordinated and effective funding of Antarctic science
      • opportunities for public-private partnerships to conduct new and iconic scientific research endeavours
    • greater collaboration and resource-sharing with other nations active in East Antarctica.
  • Strengthen the Antarctic Treaty system and our influence in it, by building and maintaining strong and effective relationships with other Antarctic Treaty nations through our international engagement.
  • Build Tasmania’s status as the premier East Antarctic Gateway for science and operations, including through:
    • streamlined Government regulatory and approval processes to facilitate increased use of Hobart as an Antarctic Gateway port
    • agreeing priority proposals with industry to enhance Tasmania’s status as an Antarctic Gateway, including expanded infrastructure in Hobart for the new icebreaker
    • a major review on building research infrastructure in Hobart to establish Australia as the world’s leader in krill research.