The Australian Antarctic Division is celebrating National Science Week with a series of events allowing members of the public to interact with Antarctic scientists and expeditioners.

On Monday 18 August, Engineer David Correll will be tweeting from Davis research station for one hour from 12 noon AEST.

Mr Correll is the climate processes and change engineer on station, and will talk about his work looking at space and atmospheric weather, including monitoring the Aurora Australis and collecting data on climate change.

On Tuesday, Bureau of Meteorology weather observer at Casey research station, Dan Laban, will take the Twitter reins for an hour at 12 noon AEST and give an insight to his daily life and work.

Schools will have the opportunity to talk to station leaders and expeditioners on Wednesday, in two live videoconferences, first with Casey research station at 11:30am and then with Davis research station at 1:30pm AEST.

Expeditioners will show and talk about where they live, their work, and the details of their day-to-day life and the scientific research and monitoring that goes on over the winter months.

On Thursday, Twitter users will have the opportunity to talk with Australian Antarctic Division glaciologist, Dr Mark Curran for one hour from 12 noon AEST.

Dr Curran is a senior ice core chemist and was the science leader on the recent deep field Aurora Basin ice core drilling project.

Throughout the week Australian Antarctic Division scientists will also be taking part in Science Week activities at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.

To take part in the Twitter chats this week, follow @AusAntarctic.

To register for the schools video chats on Wednesday 20 August, and to stay informed about the remainder of the schools videoconference series, visit the DART Connections website.

For further Antarctic schools information, visit the Australian Antarctic Division’s education website, Classroom Antarctica.