A memorable Anzac centenary, sea ice SAR training, a killer pool competition and time off at Wilkes.

Anzac centenary

This week’s station news is by Mat C.

On Saturday this week the team geared up for Anzac Day.

The day’s tribute to the fallen started with a morning service, a gunfire breakfast and a lunchtime barbeque. The day continued with the traditional game of Two-up, the telling of ancient war stories, darts, a few games of pool and the responsible consumption of alcohol. One of the highlights of the day included a special pre-recorded Anzac message to Casey station from Keith Payne, VC — a real treat for everyone on station.

Killer pool competition

While the winter crew continued to punch through their work tasks at the speed of a thousand startled gazelles this week, some time was found for a bit of healthy competition in the form of a Casey pool comp. While half the station was swept aside in crushing blows, the semi-final took place to declare Colin the victor over Rob, only to face off against Benny in a classic father/son battle. However Benny took the final win and Colin was beaten by the steady hand of his junior apprentice.

Sea ice survival training

On Friday Tim headed up our scheduled SAR training with a bit of rescue alive device familiarisation. With Scott and Neil as our guinea pigs, members of the station practised recovery of a station member falling through the sea ice.

Wilkes Pizzeria

Sunday consisted of a trip to Wilkes station with a quick look around and finishing with Rob giving pizza-making tips to Benny.