Casey welcomes new faces as two planes touch down at Wilkins runway.

In with the new

This week’s station news is brought to you by Doc John C, fresh to station last week, but an old hand at Antarctic Doctoring (“My temporary tooth filling lasted a good six months!”).

Last week we reported the departure of the ANARE 68 winter folk (apart from a few hardy souls staying on for summer). This week we look at the action around new arrivals.

One of the most impressive new arrivals was the RAAF C17 Globemaster aircraft, which made an historic landing at Wilkins aerodrome. The RAAF has been involved in Antarctic logistics in times gone by, and it is great to see them back south.

Field training officers also wasted no time in getting new and old expos out in the field to get them trained up for the season ahead.

Everyone is flat out and that’s the way we like it, except for the doctors who we hope will have an extremely cruisey summer.