In this week’s news: darts and balloons, a dangerous combo at Casey station?

Great Casey darts competition

Over the last month between work and beard-offs, we have been playing through the great Casey darts competition. Twelve hopeful challengers began and last Friday night, Tim and Jeff H competed in the grand finale. The game in question was Shanghai and it was best out of three games.

The first game was a quick victory for Tim and it looked like he had it in the bag but then Jeff came out firing in the second game to win in a close finish.

With crowds watching, both Tim and Jeff went all in for the final game with Tim showing the station how it’s done annihilating Jeff. Well done Tim!

After midwinter, it’s on to the intercontinental darts games with Davis, Mawson and Macca. They don’t stand a chance.


The life of a radiosonde


ˈreɪdɪəʊˌsɒnd/ noun
  1. an instrument carried by balloon or other means to various levels of the atmosphere and transmitting measurements by radio.