A clean station is a happy station even with a mad dash for a donga!

The great Casey clean-up

With the final ‘summerers’ waved off last week, the Casey winter crew had time to sit back, take stock, and realise that a good old fashioned station spring clean was well overdue!

Between November and March, Casey is home to around one hundred expeditioners at any one time. This many people living in close proximity (all with identical standard-issue Antarctic clothing) generates a certain amount of mess, and more than one or two stray socks. Tim, our deputy station leader, put his fondness for clipboards and cleaning to good use, and arranged us into a frenzy of Saturday morning scrubbing, folding, vacuuming and pillow fluffing.

The results were well worth the effort, with all the spare rooms prepared for next summer, the ‘West Wing’ accommodation block ready to be closed up for Winter, and the odd long-lost item being recovered. (Anyone missing a trapeze should contact the station leader for more information). 

The great Casey donga dash

Following the departure of our Summer crew, the Red Shed is suddenly boasting a glut of vacant dongas (bedrooms for those not familiar with Australian slang). With thin walls and snorers aplenty, the stakes are high, and this week has seen all manner of business dealings, bartering and back-handers to try to secure prime locations for Winter hibernation. Our noble leader Pete has remained resolutely impartial (even an offer of slushy-duty for the year in exchange for the only double bed fell on deaf ears) and lots will be drawn this Friday.