The diesel mechanics are in charge of station news this week and detail some heavy duty machinery work.

Diesos dreaming

This week’s news is brought to you by Bloo C and the Casey diesos (diesel mechanics).

The Casey mechanical workshop is in full swing with preparations being made for the coming summer season. Most of the heavy machinery has now been de-blizzed and serviced ready for the summer season. The heavy workload is continuous with daily breakdowns adding to the load. The severe conditions are hard on machinery with some major tasks being transferred down from Wilkins where the conditions are better to repair this equipment.

The picture that follows is a Case 485 Quadtrac which this week is undergoing a major rebuild of the engine as a result of water induction into the engine sump. Problems such as these are the results of operating in the harsh climatic conditions at the Wilkins runway.

Other heavy equipment has been dug out of their wintering resting places after being buried in deep snow. The equipment is put into the heated workshop where the ice and snow is melted out prior to the vehicles being checked and serviced in readiness for the coming summer work season. Below you will see a photo of the station skid loader which has just had its annual service prior to summer.

Trade work crews are now deeply into the preparations for the construction of the new waste treatment plant, which brings equipment repair issues to the forefront. In a picture below, a trenching bucket is being repaired in the mechanical workshops after being damaged in the harsh Casey environment.