Midwinter festivities at Casey include the midwinter swim, after cutting a hole through the ice of course! Expeditioners also enjoy a lovely midwinter feast.

Midwinter dip at Casey

This week’s station news from Casey is brought to you by Ben W.

An Antarctic midwinter tradition includes chiseling a hole into the three metre thick sea ice. Each expeditioner braves the icy, frigid waters (with safety ropes and doctor nearby) to baptise their head as an offering to the Antarctic gods.

As you can imagine the swim is followed promptly by squeaky voices, high pitched screams and vast profanity. This year was no different.

Midwiner fun

This week at Casey, twenty brave and courageous Antarctic expeditioners celebrated the midwinter solstice.

The day started with a champagne salute to the barely visible sun then two hours later a beautiful sunset was enjoyed by all.

The celebrations continued well into the cold, dark, Antarctic night with fistfulls of cheer bellowing throughout the Casey red shed. 

A fantastic time was had by all!

Happy midwinter, from The 68th ANARE.