This week’s station news is brought to you by Grant the dieso (diesel mechanic).

The summer that was

Now that Summer has come and gone, and the scientists have departed along with all the summer tradies, it’s time to step back and have a look at what a busy summer it was.

It all kicked off in November with station hand over and a few departing drinks with the outgoing winterers.

Then resupply was early December, and many days were spent racing against the weather. While the Aurora Australis was still here and the good weather held, we were able to take in a few iceberg, or ‘berg, cruises. Awesome.

Next was onto survival training and a night trying to sleep on the ice. It didn’t feel right to be putting sunscreen on at midnight and trying to sleep with the sun still up.

Onto travel training, we rode out to Jack’s Donga on quad bikes. What a spot! The view along the coast and out over the icebergs is very impressive. I don’t think you would find a toilet anywhere else in the world with a view like that.

There were a few trips up to Wilkins to meet the plane, always a good journey and a welcome day off station. Driving Hägglunds and tractors towing cargo up and back every trip was different.

We did a couple of trips over to Wilkes, the old station across the bay from Casey. It is an incredible place, unchanged since the 1960s. A night in the ‘Wilkes Hilton’ was awesome.

Mix in some general servicing, some repairs, the power house shut down, Christmas and Australia Day, and packing up ready for winter, and it’s been a busy four months.

Plumbing duo takes Casey by storm

Here at Casey we have a great many highly skilled, hand picked trades people. Some have formed working partnerships, great partnerships destined to last the winter.

Where would Casey be without the ‘Great Dynamic Plumbing Duo', the crime fighters of the leak and all things blocked, ‘C&N Plumbing'.

This incredible pairing is partly made up of none other than Casey’s own globe trotting, British plumbing sensation Chris who can often be seen dashing about station on ‘C&N’s’ purpose built, fully kitted out, high performance emergency response bicycle. On call 24/7, weekdays between 0800–1700.

Chris’s partner in crime is another hand picked ‘International Plumbing Superstar’ Neil who makes Australia’s other plumbing hero, Kenny, look like a fake.

If it’s plumbing water, fixing your outfall, or unblocking pipes, and if the Doc can’t help, these blokes will set you right. 
‘C&N Plumbing’ - In the Casey phone book or on Channel 6.