Fuelling body, mind and tanks at Casey.

Casey station, ‘Antarctic Centre of Thespian Excellence’ (part one)

This week’s station news is brought to you by the station doctor, a.k.a. ‘The Doc'.

With daylight down to just two hours a day, and the usual indoor pastimes growing tired, we decided it was time to introduce something novel, something challenging, something dramatic to our lives here at Casey. Last week’s midwinter celebrations were just the occasion we’d been waiting for.

Prone to over-organisation and suffering thespian tendencies, I was the obvious suspect to take on the unwieldy task of cajoling the menfolk of Casey station into a sleek and skilful theatre troupe, capable of staging not one, but two, dramatic productions in the space of a week.

First up was the Casey ‘Beardos'. Billed as a video message for the head office midwinter luncheon, but really just an opportunity to feature some of Casey’s finest facial hair growth, the entirely beard-based recording was a triumph of amateur theatre.

Please enjoy these images and don’t forget to read part II

The Doc

Casey station, ‘Antarctic Centre of Thespian Excellence’ (part two)

With the beard film under our belt we upscaled things a little for a full stage production post midwinter dinner. The traditional Cinderella was reworked and retold as ‘Cinderfella', complete with an ‘Evil Station Leader', two ‘Ugly Met Sisters', and a ‘Fairy God Plumber', the 2015 reinterpretation is sure to become a modern day masterpiece.

Read part I in case you missed it.

The Doc

This Friday was brought to you by…

Each fortnight, one of the various Casey work groups hosts a Friday after-work social gathering. It’s generally held in their place of occupation, and is a way for each of us to learn a little bit about what each other does all day.

The bar was set high from the beginning, with ‘Team Comms/Station Leader’ hosting a rather civilised ‘Cocktails in the ANARESAT dome’. From then, each event has included its own highlights: 'Team Aeronautical' took over the 'Hobby Hutt' with landing strip lights, 'Team Met' demonstrated the freezing point of various liquids in the (completely unheated) balloon shed, 'C&N Plumbing' created a tropical spa oasis in the tankhouse, and 'B&C Electrical' built a Jacob’s Ladder in the emergency power house.

Last Friday was my turn in the medical suite, with willing participants having a go at peering in each other’s ears, checking their lung capacities, testing their vision, and having a look at blood cells down a microscope.

The Doc 

Despite appearances, we actually do a bit of work from time to time

With midwinter celebrations over for another year, the month of June is also time for the Casey station refuelling operation. Casey’s fuel set up is a bit different from the other stations, with our annual diesel supply split between two different fuel farms.

I’m not going to bluff. The finer points of the task were somewhat lost on me, but my lay understanding is that we had used about half of the yearly supply of diesel (the half held in the upper fuel farm which feeds the generators) so we had pump the other half of the supply up the hill from the lower fuel farm.

Once started, the operation ran continuously and like magic, although the diesos would probably argue it’s something to do with long hours of hard work and prior planning, in 22 hours we were back in business again with somewhere a little under half a million litres of diesel moved.

Our success will ensure we can continue enjoying hot showers, delicious food, party lighting, hairdryers — those boys and their hair — and all the other wonderful things that diesel generators allow us.

The Doc