At Casey, expeditioners break out their mountain bikes for a rare ride, Chinese visitors make dumplings and the hydroponics process is explored.

Mountain bikes in Antarctica

The station has been supplied with a number of push bikes which get a lot of use around station. The bikes are used for transport from building to building, or for fitness by the expeditioners. What then happens when there are two individuals on station who ride mountain bikes competitively in their spare time back home? Lindsay rides hers in Canada and Michael is a regular on the mountain bike circuit in Australia. Naturally, they are keen to showcase their abilities on station.

So after finding a areas like the quarry and wharf that meet both environmental and safety concerns, the two set off highlighting their skills and getting that magic photograph.

Chinese dumplings

Casey has played host this week to a visiting group of Chinese geologists who quickly adapted to station life. They even became honorary Australians on Australia Day when one took the plunge in the summer swim and all of them tried their hand at cricket.

After enjoying the traditional Aussie barbecue on Australia Day, our foreign friends decided to take over the kitchen and help prepare a meal of Chinese dumplings. Several hundred dumplings were created and they all disappeared within seconds.

It is a great experience for the Australian expeditioners to host foreign expeditioners, share experiences and swap some souvenirs.


Hydroponics is a large component of station life. Not only does a successful hydroponics program supplement a station’s supply of fresh produce — especially lettuce, tomatoes, herbs and spices — it is also a great morale boost. There is nothing like a little bit of greenery and the smell of real vegetation in the middle of a long winter. Working in a warm and brightly lit room surrounded by greenery also provides a psychological lift.

Hydroponics at Casey is run by ‘volunteers’, meaning expeditioners help out in addition to their regular duties. Hydroponics officers volunteer their services after receiving training in Australia to ensure the hydroponics facilities are managed safely, and are environmentally sound. Each year the facilities are shut down and a yearly clean-out is undertaken prior to the next crop being introduced.

Casey is very fortunate to have so many hydroponics volunteers who are ably led by Chris Martin, our hydroponics officer.