A man using a multi-tool to measure the distance on a piece of paper

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A man smiling to camera.  His beard and hair is covered in ice and his breath is clouding in the cold air.  A green Hagglund is behind him.

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A man standing with his finger pointed upwards to look as if he is balancing the moon, in the sky behind him, on his finger

I'm white, round but not always around...what am I? Read more

A large group of people standing on some stairs and smiling to camera

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A side by side profile picture comparison of an expeditioner pre and post beard

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A man sits at a table, with bookshelves behind, smiling to camera.  A Lego Millennium Falcon model sits on the table, complete with lights and laser beams.

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A man stands silhouetted against the sky.  A green and pink aurora and stars light up the sky.

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Two windows with two sofas and decorative plants in front.  Curtains drawn across one of the windows.

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Casey winter expeditioners in a group photo in front an antenna in the snow

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A snowy scene with a cloudy sky in the distance.  A sun halo is peeping through the cloud.

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A small quad like vehicle parked in the snow

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A group of expeditioners walk up a snowy slope towards 3 flag poles flying the Australian, New Zealand and Aboriginal flags at half mast

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Three men in fire safety uniforms.  On is dousing a large fire with an extinguisher whilst the other two look on.

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Casey expeditioner drilling a hole in the snow covered rocks for weather instruments

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Casey winter expeditioner Maddie Ovens supporting science near Wilkes.

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A landscape view of the snowy ground making way to the sea, and icebergs

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An expeditioner wearing yellow cold weather suit on skis in the snow

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A landscape shot looking across the snow covered ground to the icy water of Newcomb Bay

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A handrail in the foreground with station sheds and equipment bathed in a yellow glow from the sun coming over the horizon.  Snow on the ground.

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Three women stand in front of a snowman smiling.  Two are holding their drink glasses up in the air.  the snowman has a hat and sunglasses on.

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Five expeditioners on skis holding up the Australian, Canadian and Swedish flag in front of a blue Hagglund.

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Nine women standing beside and on a purple Hagglund smiling to camera.  Snow and ice in the background

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Five expeditioners standing up to their necks chests in icy sea

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A red supply ship sailing away from the land with icebergs in the distance

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Purple Hägglunds vehicle on the back of a Mack truck.

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Four expeditioners in a dinghy on the icy water.  One expeditioner is waving to a bird in the sky.

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Inflatable boat with expeditioners. Still water conditions. Station in the background.

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