4 people walk through untouched snow in the sunshine

A group walk to the not-so-often visited Taaffe Ridge Read more

A woman stands next to a hole in the sea ice smiling to camera

Seals spotted, emperor penguins come to visit and a busy works program… Read more

A group shot of the official flag raising for the opening of Davis station with a rocky outcrop in the background

Our third and final installment in Mick's local history series Read more

Two Southern giant petrels with wings spread as they stake their territory

Time for the annual visit to Hawker Island to check the bird monitoring… Read more

A small convoy of Hagglunds with a snow plow and sled on the sea ice

First trip of the season successfully accomplished! Read more

A group of people rest at the top of Stalker Hill smiling to camera.

The seals are finally returning! Read more

A view across a snowy landscape toward the lights of some distant buildings, just visible through the fog from the sea ice

A busy week with the Antarctic Film Festival, National Science Week and… Read more

The author and his wife smiling for camera

Another local history chapter Read more

Instruments on the ice, tucked up in their sled beds to stop them from freezing

Acoustic moorings deployed at Davis Read more

Four expeditioners in cold weather gear standing on the sea ice with a pink sunrise behind them

Winter Weddell seal surveys continue Read more

A man releasing the weather balloon just outside a shed at the edge of the water.  Ice capped mountains in the background.

Spend some time with the Bureau of Meteorology Read more

A portrait shot of a group of expeditioners, some in mexican hats, standing in a line smiling to camera with the sunrise behind them.

The sun comes back and we explore some local history Read more

A man poses in front of Deep Lake.  The mountains behind are reflected perfectly in the water.

Perfect weather for a trip off-station Read more

A man is scooping reformed ice out of an ice hole pool with ice sculptures around it.

On a perfect winter day, we take our Midwinter dip. Read more

A group of people posing for a picture around the Davis Station sign

Happy Midwinter from all of us here at Davis station! Read more

A man smiling to camera with a tin of fruit pudding on the bench in front of him.  He holds a spatula and a bowl in his hands.

The Hägglund/field travel training team gets blizzed in at Platcha hut Read more

2 men in a workshop repairing the inside of a generator engine.  One is smiling to camera, the other examining the parts.

What keeps the station diesos busy? Read more

A group of people walking a stretcher up a hill

Learning some basics of search and rescue Read more

A man next to a Tirfor winch ready for action.  Tractors in a line behind him.

Teamwork and a sturdy winch pave the way for sea ice travel Read more

2 men working an IV station

The station LSA team have their regular training session to refresh their… Read more

A group of people around a long dining table.

Some go walkabout... and all feast. Read more

A woman stands in a wave of frozen water against a sunset

Planning for the sea ice opening and some passersby cause excitement Read more

Five people on a hill posing for camera with Davis Station on the horizon in background

Anzac Day celebrations, a pink moon and survival training completed for… Read more

A row of quad bikes covered in snow

A bit of TLC after months in the elements Read more

Aurora over station

Weather extremes at Davis Read more

Field tent lit up at night

Survival training completed! Read more

A man stands in a hut prepares a weather balloon for inflation at a small table.   Large doors are open and the Antarctic landscape can be seen behind the man.

It's all about the weather at Davis Read more

A panoramic shot of the sea ice forming at the edge of a bay with clouds gathering overhead reflected in the ice

Update on the week's activities at Davis station Read more

A group of expeditioners sit on the edge of a barge, waving to camera with the resupply ship in the background.

Another resupply is over and the new wintering team settles into station Read more

Looking out across a bay, in the middle of which sits a barge driving a load of cargo to shore

A seamless station handover Read more

A large red and white ship sits out in a bay with icebergs on the horizon

We welcomed the MPV Everest to resupply the station and change-out the… Read more

A breathtaking blue sky with gathering grey clouds reflected in the mirror smooth water below.  Snow on the shore in the foreground.

The last week of peace and quiet Read more


Our Senior Met Observer, Damien, runs you through the final phase on station. Read more

Penguin standing on a small berg

The end is near! Final preparations for resupply and return to Australia Read more

The postmaster standing at top of some stairs leading in to the red post office hut

You've got mail! A look at one of the world's most remote post… Read more

An expeditioner standing at the end of the pontoon looking at the camera

Recipe for making water at Davis Read more

Selfie of expeditioner in beanie and sunglasses with ellie seal in the background

Surveys and monitoring continue on station Read more

Expeditioners in a group photo on the outside deck, some with Santa hats on.  Text on photo reads 'From all of us here at Davis station, Merry Christmas.  73rd Anare 2019-20, 428 days and counting

Celebrating Christmas and New Year's at Davis Read more