Holiday happenings on Macca

Macca holiday update in pictures

Cute but feisty

Our first Fur Seal pup count took place over the New Year break. Each January, the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service ranger team (and assorted volunteers) conduct 3 weekly counts to keep an eye on the breeding success of various species of ‘furries’ around the beaches on North Head.

Fur Seals were hunted to annihilation on Macquarie Island in the early 1800s (an estimated 200,000 were killed). They kept their distance until returning to the island in the mid-1950s and are making a slow but steady recovery. This week’s count netted well over 300 pups (all 10/10 on the cuteness scale).

The only problem is their doting parents are rather territorial. Run!

Met’s awkward teenager

Our fluffy little skua chick living in the Met enclosure has now become an awkward gangly teenager…