We are all in resupply mode still but the end is nigh! Plus some remarkable views of how the island has changed in the past thirteen years.

Resupply update

On Macca we are still in resupply mode although we have ticked a lot of boxes this week. The following photos show some of what has been going on.

From next week it will be the 72nd ANARE’s turn to bring you the latest from this wonderfully green island.

The greening of Macca

Macquarie Island is certainly an island of contrasts for those of us that have been visiting for a long time.

While working on the west coast near Flat Creek recently I managed to re-take some photographs I originally took in 2006 to illustrate rabbit damage, which now provides a visual demonstration of vegetation recovery post rabbit eradication.

The island has always been described as the ‘Great Green Sponge’ but until this year it hasn’t fit the description for me. The 2006 photos show why.

It’s been an amazing rollercoaster journey having been involved in the pre-eradication vegetation monitoring, the eradication project itself and now monitoring the island’s recovery. I feel a lot of satisfaction with the direction the island is now heading.

Luke Gadd