A plumber feels lucky to be at Macca

Working on a Sunday

Being a plumber on Macca has its good jobs and the odd bad one, but when you find out you have to fix a stove at Green Gorge Hut which is 18km away and it’s a Sunday, you think “how lucky am I?”

Green Gorge is halfway down the island and is one of the most popular huts, particularly for the Tas Park Rangers due to its central location. The only way for me to get there is to walk, and so I loaded up my survival backpack with a few parts for the job and headed off.

It takes about 5–6 hours at a steady pace and the first section is a bit of a hard slog before you get up onto the plateau, but then it’s a lovely walk along a well-marked trail. There was a bit of snow around early and the odd muddy sections were frozen which made for nice walking.

The hut is nestled in a lovely spot on the east coast and is my favourite. The job was pretty straightforward and over quickly and then I had the night off. With the short daylight hours down here this time of year I was up at first light to spend some time on the beach with the locals and then I headed back the same I way I came, with a bit of a headwind and drizzle, but a smile on my face all the way.

Shane (Plumber)