Public displays of care at Macca


This week we have a bit of a story about caring and looking out for each other.

It all starts for us back in Australia with the people that carry out the selection process and psych evaluations. These people already have an idea that we care, because if we didn’t care, we wouldn’t have turned up for the interview!

On station and in the field it’s all about being kind, tolerant and looking out for each other, keeping ourselves and our fellow expeditioners safe and happy. You know the phrase happy wife, happy life? Well, the same applies on station (tot that we are all married, well some of us are — but not to each other — although, sometimes married couples come down…but anyway, that’s not the case at Macca this season!). I think the selectors got it right for us at Macca this season, it’s a very caring and tolerant group.

Expeditioners are here for various personal reasons but our main purpose is to be safe, look out for each other, maintain the station and take care of the environment. After living on this World Heritage Island for a while you start to notice that we aren’t the only ones who care and are tolerant.

Every day, the wildlife on the island is taking care of business and co-existing with each other. Often it is brutal, mostly it is beautiful…and it’s always unforgettable. Colonies of birds and seals living shoulder to shoulder, getting on with each other, getting on with life.

The following photos will give you an idea of what I mean.

Have a good one


(Building Services Supervisor)