Dr Mal gets a taste of fruit bread and finds himself in the dentist chair for a patch up by lay surgical assistant and plumber Curly

'Ahh, what's up Doc?'

Over the years I have sometimes been asked “What happens if you get sick Doc?” A good question. Fortunately, I have dodged that bullet in my career with the AAD.

Until now.

Relax, nothing lethal, but annoying. A tooth.

As part of our pre-deployment, we are required to get a dentist to review our teeth and remediated as required. But no one can give a 100% guarantee.

This review is essential because about 5-10% of medical consults on tour are dental in origin.

Spooky music required as we drift back in time….

It was smoko on a wet, overcast day in Macca. I was chowing down with George beside me.

"Oh look what I found in my fruit bread. I wonder if Arvid (chef) has lost something.” A quick sweep of the mouth.

“Oh heck it’s mine.”

My poor old heavily amalgamated (filled) tooth was fine but one of the remaining pillars of tooth had calved off in a true Antarctic iceberg moment.

Back to the future.

“Curly would you please have a crack at spack filling my tooth.”

“Not a problem Doc.” Without a moment’s hesitation. I mean its bread and butter for your average plumber.

So Curly, bon vivant & raconteur can now add emergency dentist to the letters after his name.

He did a great job and this customer is very happy.

Now about the bill…

Dr Mal Vernon

Antarctic Medical Practitioner