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Unlike many other Australian parks and reserves, there is no permanent management presence at HIMI. Management staff and researchers must sail for around two weeks through the rough Southern Ocean to reach Heard Island before attempting to begin their work.

Heard Island

Heard Island and McDonald Islands (HIMI) is a subantarctic island group located in the Southern Ocean, about 4,000 kilometres south west of mainland Australia.

The islands and surrounding waters teem with wildlife and other natural wonders that make HIMI a special place.

Have your say - draft Heard Island and McDonald Islands Marine Reserve Management Plan (30 Jun 14)

The Australian Antarctic Division has prepared a draft management plan for the Heard Island and McDonald Islands Marine Reserve (the Reserve).

Updated entry requirements - Heard and McDonald Islands (23 May 14)
Following a review of the Reserve’s former management plan, the Director of the Australian Antarctic Division has implemented a prohibition on entry to the Territory of Heard Island and McDonald Islands.… more
Heard Island and McDonald Islands Marine Reserve Expansion (29 Mar 14)
The Australian Government has expanded the sub-Antarctic Heard Island and McDonald Islands Marine Reserve, to protect this unique environment. … more
Volcanoes provided ice-age refuge for Antarctic biodiversity (11 Mar 14)
Antarctic volcanoes and other geothermal areas may have provided a refuge for biodiversity through past ice ages. … more
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