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Satellite-tagged Macaroni penguins were observed to travel up to 1000 kilometres away from Heard Island on foraging trips, with up to 60% of that time spent underwater. King penguins were observed to travel 80-100 kilometres per day and hunted at depths up to 60 - 100 metres.

Heard Island

Heard Island and McDonald Islands (HIMI) is a subantarctic island group located in the Southern Ocean, about 4,000 kilometres south west of mainland Australia.

The islands and surrounding waters teem with wildlife and other natural wonders that make HIMI a special place.

Heard Island and McDonald Islands Marine Reserve Management Plan 2014-2024
This Plan provides a comprehensive framework for the management of the Reserve. Persons interested in visiting are strongly encouraged to read the Plan and permit application form, as visits must be carefully planned. … more
Permit application form
All persons that plan to visit the Reserve are required to complete the permit application form with reference to the above Plan. This must be submitted a minimum of four months prior to intended departure. … more
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